Presentations and Papers


Charles Cooney, Clovis Gladstone, “Tracing Swerves Of Influence: Text Reuse And The Reception Of Lucretius In 18th-century England,Digital Humanities 2017, Montreal, Canada, August 2017.

Charles Cooney, Clovis Gladstone, “Omnia aurea dicta — Examining reception of Lucretius in 18th-century England using ARTFL’s ECCO alignment database,Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science, University of Illinois-Chicago, November 2016.

Clovis Gladstone, Glenn Roe, Robert Morrissey, and Mark Olsen, “Digging into ECCO: Identifying Commonplaces and other Forms of Text Reuse at Scale“, Digital Humanities 2016, Krakow, Poland, July 2016

Glenn Roe, Alfie Abdul-Rahman, Min Chen, Clovis Gladstone, Robert Morrissey, and Mark Olsen,  “Visualizing Text Alignments: Image Processing Techniques for Locating 18th-century Commonplaces, Digital Humanities 2015, Western Sydney University, July 2015


Glenn Roe, Robert Morrissey, Min Chen, Nicholas Cronk, Alfie Abdul-Rahman, “Constructive Visual Analytics for Text Similarity Detection”, Computer Graphics Forum, Volume36, Issue1, January 2017

Clovis Gladstone and Charles Cooney, “Opening New Paths for Scholarship:
Algorithms to Track Text Reuse in ECCO.” Forthcoming in Digitizing Enlightenment, July 2019